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How To Care For Your Jewelry

If your bracelet contains silver, remember it is sterling and can tarnish. Tarnishing is a natural process caused by oxidation. Tarnish does not damage the silver and can easily be removed by rubbing the piece gently with a soft, treated polishing cloth. If used regularly, a polishing cloth can keep tarnish from building up. If you wear your sterling pieces regularly, your body oils help reduce tarnishing. Take care in polishing the Swarovski crystals on your bracelet. A tarnish cloth can remove the AB coating on some crystals.

When cleaning any jewelry use a polishing cloth. Professional Polishing Cloths may be purchased from Once Upon a Name for only $5.00. This is an inexpensive item that will keep your bracelet looking like the fine piece of jewelry it is. We highly recommend purchasing one with your order.

Do not use tarnish-removing dips on pieces that have decorative oxidation. For example, letter beads and Bali Silver pieces have oxidation in the grooves to produce an antique look. Using dips may remove the tarnish that gives your piece dimension. Never use silver cleaners on pearls or semi-precious stones as the stone may lose its luster.

Do not wear your piece while bathing, in a hot tub, swimming, doing dishes, cleaning with chemicals, or anything else where the jewelry would come into contact with soaps or chemicals. When you are not wearing your silver pieces, store them in a cool, dry place. Zip-lock bags and the individual cloth pouch your bracelet arrives in are ideal for this and will help prevent both tarnishing or scratching by other pieces.

We recommend that you do not sleep with your bracelet on because this may cause unnecessary stress on the components in your bracelet. Depending on your lifestyle and the stress caused to your jewelry on a daily basis, we recommend having your bracelet periodically restrung to prevent breakage.

Jewelry Care Cloth
Jewelry Care Cloth

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