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About Our Bracelets

Our Bead Trends Bracelets are custom made to fit your wrist and style. Please measure carefully as custom made, personalized items are not returnable and resizing charges do apply. See "How To Measure Your Wrist".

Almost every bracelet design you see online is available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 strands. Only the finest quality sterling silver, bali sterling silver, and 14K gold-filled beads and lead free pewter are used. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

All crystals used in our adult jewelry are Genuine Swarovski Crystals, no others.

In compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, we will no longer use Swarovski crystals in our childrens designs because of the lead content. All baby and children's designs containing crystals will now be created with lead free, fire-polished Czech glass. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this new law and our compliance.

On 2 strand bracelets, when possible, we use sterling silver tie bars to hold the strands together. This keeps the strands from overlapping or flopping around. We do not show these in our images but use them in almost all of the designs. If you prefer not to have these on your bracelet, please let us know before you order.

We use glass beads in some of our designs and will state this in the product description. Glass can chip or crack so please order accordingly.

Gold-filled beads have real 14K gold bonded to a base metal, giving it more strength and making it more resistant to dents than solid 14K gold. This is NOT the same as gold-plating which is a thin sprayed-on layer of gold, which eventually wears off.

Multiple Names on One Strand
Name bracelets are made with sterling silver letter blocks. Only two names per strand please on most designs. More than 2 names per strand will take away from the design of the bracelet. A $15/strand charge per name per strand applies if you want to add multiple names on the same strand. This includes middle names and names such as: Anna Belle, Sara Jane, Mary Beth, Grandma Sue, Nana Beth, etc. No exceptions. If 2 names are provided for one strand and the cost correction is not selected, we will add the correct amount to your order after notification via email.

To order 2 names on a strand please list the name as John and Mary or John & Mary on the line provided for each strand. If you are using a first and middle name please list it as John Michael or Mary Grace. Spacing on a first and middle name is a bit different than spacing for 2 separate people.

Name Bracelets & Gravity
Because this style of bracelet can be quite heavy, there is a tendency for the names to pull to the underside of the wrist. The more names and strands, the heavier the bracelet. There is nothing that can be done about this other than turning the bracelet back around to hang in the front. This is common with all styles and brands of beaded name bracelets. Making the bracelet a smaller size will not guarantee that the names will stay in place, it only promotes the risk of breakage due to the bracelet being too small for the wrist.

Add A Strand Later For New Family Additions
If you purchase your bracelet now but have more children in the future, you simply mail your bracelet back and we can add a new strand for the cost of one strand and restringing charges. Another option is to add an ACCENT Strand now and when the new baby has arrived, we add the new name. Restringing and shipping charges apply.

An Accent Strand or Non-Name Version is a strand added to your bracelet in the same pattern as the overall design minus the sterling letters. This is used as a place holder for future children or as an added design for those that prefer a 2 or 3 strand bracelet with one or two children.

All bracelets are strung on 49-strand stainless steel wire coated in nylon. This wire is very strong but still drapes like string. We use only the finest wire the jewlery industry provides.

All Bracelets come with an attractive Satin Keepsake Pouch and Jewelry Care Instructions at no extra charge.

Unlike our competitors, we DO NOT charge extra for your original set of dangles or charms.

A combination of 2 Dangles and 1 charm or 3 dangles can be added to your bracelet at no extra charge! Dangles and charms are attached with a small jump ring that we do not solder. We do recommend having a local jeweler solder the items for you which normally costs just a few dollars. The original set of dangles and charms are provided at no charge. Replacement dangles and charms are available for a small fee. If you need replacements, please contact our office for information or call us at 800-597-6499.

Our products are custom made, personalized items made specifically for you. They are non-returnable. We have taken great care in providing accurate online images of our bracelets so you know exactly what you are purchasing. If a return is authorized, there will be a 50% restocking fee to cover the cost of lost material and labor.

If no clasp is specified, the Lobster clasp is used. Clasp selections on all 3-4 Strand bracelets are at the designers discretion to assure quality in design and stability. A Lobster Clasp is the best choice for security and we can not guarantee a toggle clasp will never fall off, so please select your clasp wisely.

Minor variations in Bali designs may occur depending on current supply. Design changes are minimal if at all.

Discontinued Designs and Letter Beads Over the past few years many of our manufacturers have discontinued certain letter bead styles and beads we use in our designs. As a result we have had to discontinue or retire certain style letter beads and designs. If you need a repair or addition to one of these retired/discontinued designs, we will be uanble to provide that service. We apologize in advance for this situation but hope our customers realize it was not our choice to do so.

Regarding Baby & Children's Bracelets
Our bracelets contain small parts. Please do not leave small children unattended while wearing any type of jewelry. Please use your best judgement when giving a baby bracelet as a gift. They are intended as Heirloom Keepsakes and should be worn with adult supervision at all time.

Take the Time to Measure Carefully:
Resizing is an additional cost plus shipping.

Costs for Resizing/Restringing a Bracelet are:
1 Strand - $20.00
2 Strand - $30.00
3 Strand - $40.00
4 Strand - $50.00
Necklaces - Contact our office for a quote.

If you have any questions regarding your order or if you need information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also call our office Monday though Friday, between 9:00am and 5:00pm Eastern Time at 800-597-6499.

To avoid resizing and additional charges; please, please, measure before ordering. We realize many times our bracelets are given as gifts but it is costly on your part not to measure. Measure the wrist where you would place your wrist watch, and measure SNUG. Now add 1.25 ". If measuring is not an option, please keep in mind we do charge to restring your bracelet. It takes us just as long to restring the second time as the first. If you have any concerns about our policies, please contact us.

All of our products are custom made, personalized items made specifically for you. We have taken great care in providing accurate, detailed online images of our bracelets so you can see the designs and quality of exactly what you are purchasing. If we made a mistake it will be corrected at our expense. If a return for the above reasons is necessary, we do require you to contact us first to inform us that something is being returned. We will issue a Return Authorization Number to place on the outside of the returned package. Items returned without prior authorization will not be accepted. Any custom made items, those that deviate from the online designs, are not returnable under any circumstances. ALL rings, pendants and bracelets are custom made and not returnable. Please order carefully.

We will ship your jewelry within 2-3 business days(or sooner) in some cases, of receiving your order. Shipping charges are Free with USPS ground shipping on all jewelry on all orders within the United States. We ship all jewelry via USPS ground which normally takes 2-7 days depending on the area being delivered to. Please keep this in mind when ordering. If in a rush, Express USPS service is available at the customers expense. Express 2 Day Service is $25.00. We can not ship to APO addresses.

PLEASE NOTE: This shipping time is added to the online availability or creation time. For example: if we say your bracelet will ship in 2-3 days, requesting Express 2nd Day shipping is for delivery time, NOT creation time. After the 2-3 day creation time, we will ship your order the requested express delivery at the customers expense thereby reducing the travel time for delivery. Please call our office at 800-597-6499 if you have any questions about our shipping rates and policies.

If you are a resident of NC State, 8.5% sales tax will be added to your total.

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